About us

Our company Woodworkers offers partner services on furniture manufacturing of any complexity.The quality of our work and the timing of manufacturing do not cause doubts among our customers. After all, our slogan is "Customer first.".

We work with different types of wood: pine, alder, oak, ash, acacia.Our products are covered by certified paints, such as: Sherwin-Williams, Remmers, Osmo, etc. The products go through all production cycles, for the customer to be satisfied with the final result and quality. Expensive woods such as: oak, ash, acacia undergo a special stage of preparation - the material is caked to remove the internal stress of wood, thus the final product is of high quality. Particular attention is drawn to German paints that contain vegetable oils and waxes - these are natural coloring pigments that are allowed for use in the food sector. We also use trendy collections of fabrics.

Woodworkers is installing, working with individual projects. We always pay attention to all the wishes of the client or partner. Our products are for sale both in Ukraine and abroad, we have the opportunity to work with individuals and legal entities (there is the possibility of non-cash payment with VAT).

Our furniture will give you the opportunity to see the full structure and beauty of wood, and will also give your interior coziness and warmth ...

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